Happy Fall From PurelandSupply!

Forest of autumn trees

Summer is officially over, now it’s time for bonfires, football, and scary movie nights. Is your projector ready for the new season? Now is a great time to make sure!

Checking up on your projector lamp regularly helps to ensure you can avoid any lamp failure issues when you really need it. It’s important to keep in mind that even if your lamp was lighting last time you used it, doesn’t necessarily mean your lamp is going to work next time. Projector lamps lose their brightness very slowly. In fact, it happens so slow that you will barely notice until It becomes too dark to see, or eventually fails. 

Checking your lamp life regularly is one way of keeping your projector lamp up to date. You can do this on almost all projectors right through the menu. 

Optoma UHD60 projector

Let’s look at the Optoma UHD60 projector as an example. It uses a SP.78V01GC01 projector lamp, which has a life span of 4,000 hours. So, if you checked your lamp hours in the menu and it’s over 3/4 of its lifespan, which would be 3,000 hours in this case, then it’s time to consider purchasing a replacement projector lamp. 

SP.78V01GC01 replacement projector lamp

In addition to checking your lamp hours, every so often you should also vacuum out the air vents, and physically check the lamp for any signs of overheating. If a lamp is being overheated, it will cause the silver metal to turn very coppery, or give off a burning smell. 

If you find that your lamp needs to be replaced, or if you have any questions about maintaining your projector, we have you covered

5 Fun Ways to Use Your Projector

Are you looking for ways to get the most use out of your home projector?

Check out this list of 5 creative and fun new things you can do with your projector! 

  1. Planetarium
home planetarium with projector

If you love astrology and stargazing at night, this one is for you! With your projector, you can bring the whole galaxy straight to your bedroom. You can easily explore constellations, planets, and solar systems like an astronaut traveling through the universe. It’s an educational, relaxing and mesmerizing experience. Stellarium is a free software that is actually used by many real planetariums, and you can download it right to your computer. You can see everything that’s happening in the night sky right above you, in real time. You can see meteor showers, satellites, zoom in and learn about constellations, and much more. You can even keep a log of everything you love so you can easily find it again! There is also a paid mobile version available for both IOS and Apple users. 

The Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw is a perfect projector to use for this. Its portability allows you to place it anywhere and adjusts to almost any surface. Connecting your device couldn’t be easier due to its wireless screen mirroring feature. When you need a replacement lamp, we’ve got you covered with the BL-FU220E lamp. 

2. Art Project

Tracing image with projector

You don’t have to be the best artist to create a masterpiece. Simply choose the image you want to recreate and project it onto the wall. Grab some paint, markers or pencils, put up some paper and trace away! Everyone in the family can have fun with this one. Kids will have a blast coloring in giant pages, teens can use this idea to create a cool background for their selfies, and adults can have their own at-home “Painting with a Twist night”, or if you’re feeling extra creative, you can paint a beautiful mural right on to your wall. 

3. Game Night

Trivia game on a projector

Experience gaming in a whole new way with your projector. You and your guests will love the life-like feeling of immersing yourself in your favorite video games on a large screen, not to mention the large display will make it way easier to play split-screen and multi-player games together. Another cool way to incorporate this idea is hosting a trivia game night. Crowdpurr is a great interactive software available on all platforms that allows you to create and customize your own trivia questions, allows your guests to answer questions from their smartphone, and displays the crowd rankings. This is also a fun way to engage your audience for business events and presentations!

A great projector choice for this idea is the Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector. It features a bright 3,100 lumens along with a dynamic contrast of 15,000:1 which makes it ideal to use in a wide variety of settings. The replacement projector lamp can be found here.

4. Make Cooking Easier 

Person chopping vegetables

We’ve all been there: You just found a great recipe on your phone and can’t wait to try it out, you go to swipe for the next step and you get smudges and food all over your phone screen. Nobody likes a dirty phone. Make your next dinner preparation much easier by projecting your recipe on to the wall instead, on a bigger screen you can see it all at once with much more convenience. You could also try throwing on the Food Network and cooking right along with your favorite chef. 

5. Light Show

light show with projector

Make any event, party, or night-in more fun with a musical light show! We might not be able to throw big parties due to the pandemic, but you could use this idea to host a super cool drive-in mini concert, or a personal dance party. Just download MusicBeam, connect it to your projector, throw on your favorite playlist and enjoy the show! It’s easy to set up and completely customizable. The BenQ HT2050 Home Cinema Projector features CinematicColor technology, and full HD 1080p definition, to give you the clearest, most colorful picture for your light show. It also boasts its ultra short throw, allowing the most convenience to place it anywhere. The BenQ HT2050 uses a 5J.JEE05.001 replacement lamp, available here.

Projectors for Houses of Worship

As with all large organized gatherings, Churches, Synagogues and other places of worship rely on digital projectors to help share the experience with their members.

Projectors offer an impactful way to bring the group of worshipers together in song, to recite a prayer or testify to everyone. Depending on the size and scope of the group of parishioners, different projectors work well in achieving this.

For our purposes we will look at a few digital projectors and the projector lamps they need. Since houses of worship vary in size and needs, we will look at the varying sizes of projectors for each situation.

Optoma W400+ WXGA Projector using BL-FP200B Lamp

For small congregations, there is no need for ultra large images or brightness that needs to overcome the ambient lighting. The Optoma W400+ WXGA projector would work well. It is rated at 4000 Lumens, with a WXGA resolution (1280×800). This projector can even throw up to a 385″ image from 40′ away. The average size will be around 100″ for a screen but this Optoma has a lot of options. Replacing the projector lamp is also quite easy. Visit this link if you need a BL-FP220B for your Optoma W400+.

Another option is the venerable Viewsonic PG603W. Displaying Hymns or prayers for a smaller congregation will be easy to see with ambient light due to the 3600 lumen output. This is helped with the high contrast ratio (22,000:1). If this is coupled with an ALR screen, the image is comparable to a large TV monitor. The Viewsonic PG603W uses an RLC-109 replacement lamp available here. Keep your projector fresh and bright with a new lamp.

This Viewsonic fits well even in larger houses of worship. However there are size limitations at this level. To handle a larger congregation, there is another level of projector for medium-sized organizations.

The Epson PowerLite 5535U LCD projector has the capability of projecting a larger image than either the Optoma or the Viewsonic. For a medium-sized church, this sort of projector is a better option.

At 5,000 Lumens it is a bit brighter than the previous two. It has a slightly higher resolution of 1920 x 1080. This helps with clarity at larger screen sizes. This model can project up to 419″ with a 1x telephoto lens at 68′ from the screen. This tends to work well for medium-sized houses of worship. It gives multiple mounting options such as ceiling or even rear projection if there is a lot of ambient light. You can buy a ELPLP95 replacement projector lamp here for your Epson PowerLite 5535U.

The second suggestion for the medium-sized congregation is the NEC NP-P554U. This mini sun-in-a-box has a rated output of a whopping 5500 lumens using the NEC NP44LP replacement projector lamp. This is plenty of light for seeing the messages displayed by your Easy Worship Software (or ProPresenter among others).

NEC NP-P554U LCD projector with NP44LP replacement lamp

The 20,000:1 contrast ratio is made possible by a high speed auto iris that helps give crisp black levels even with the high lumen output. the NP44LP replacement projector lamp housing uses a high quality Philips bulb inside to achieve that stellar level of brightness. The NEC NP-P554U supports control via a standard network to allow control remotely by your technical staff. With all types of inputs (HDMI, VGA etc) you can connect legacy devices as easily as modern devices. This NEC is a great option for mid-sized solutions. If you have a large house of worship, then there is another tier of projectors that will serve your needs even better.

The Epson PowerLite Pro G7500U is the Mack truck for the House of Worship projectors (in my opinion). This robust LCD projector has no less than 6,500 lumens of brightness. At 6500 lumens this is the brightest model in this list. It also has a very high 50,000:1 contrast ratio, which definitely is noticeable when it is projecting its 38′ image. The high resolution of 1920 x 1200 makes sure the pixel density is such that even at almost 40′, the image is crisp and clear. Unlike lower resolution projectors (1280 x 768), the Epson PowerLite Pro G7500U will not be blurry when the image is that large. Being that it would be used in a large venue, its mounting point would be about 60′ away from the screen. This leaves plenty of room for participants to watch the videos or follow along with the songs.

epson PowerLite Pro G7500U with ELPLP93 replacement lamp

Pureland Supply offers replacement projector lamps for this model as well. The Epson PowerLite Pro G7500U takes the ELPLP93 lamp that we have on sale here.

Houses of worship are always updating and improving the experience for their patrons/congregation. Making the experience immersive and almost magic is only possible by using the proper technology for your specific needs. There are many other projectors out there that fit similar needs.

PurelandSupply.com has the replacement projector lamps in stock for same day shipment. PurelandSupply.com has also partnered with FedEx to help us offer 7 day delivery options for many locations. This can help you keep your projector up and running for your weekend or weekday services. We also offer expedited delivery service if you need an overnight delivery between Friday and Saturday. This can help those weekends when you have a service Sunday and your existing projector decides it needs a new lamp on Friday.

Feel free to call or email our knowledgeable staff with any questions you might have Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm at 1-800-664-6671.

You can visit our website, www.purelandsupply.com any time of the week, any time of the day.

From all of us an PurelandSupply.com we wish you, your family and your congregation a happy and healthy summer.

2020 Pureland Supply Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Kailey LeMay – Winner of the 2020 Pureland Supply Scholarship!

Congratulations to Kailey LeMay, this year’s winner of the Pureland Supply Scholarship for students attending school for the study of trade, craft or labor occupations!

Kailey is a 2020 graduate of Paul’s Valley High School in Oklahoma.  In the fall semester she will attend the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology for the study of Orthotic & Prosthetic Technologies.  Her goal is to help people who are healing from injuries and medical conditions and those who have lost a limb.

Kailey tells us that “orthotic and prosthetic devices change the lives of people suffering from neuromuscular or skeletal conditions and limb loss that result in need of an orthosis or prothesis.”  Having access to a prosthetic device can dramatically change the life of an amputee or wounded veteran.  She was first inspired by Bethany Hamilton’s accomplishments after losing her arm due to a shark attack.  After researching the achievements of other amputees who are sports figures, Kailey felt it would be rewarding to choose this field.  In addition, after her own experience with orthotics, Kailey hopes to improve the design of some of orthotic devices “to make them more functional, realistic, and comfortable for the people wearing them.”

We wish Kailey success in her future career in Orthotic and Prosthetic Tech and congratulate her as our 2020 Pureland Supply Scholarship winner!

To apply for the 2021 PurelandSupply Scholarship, click HERE to learn more.

Does Your Projector Need a Check-Up?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our daily routines, many of us have been doing our best to practice social distancing and other safety measures. While we begin to settle in and get adjusted to our new at-home routines, one thing is for sure; we all need a little entertainment to take our minds off of these stressful and unprecedented circumstances.

ELPLP96 Epson
ELPLP85 Epson

Now is the perfect time to bring out your Epson Home Cinema 3100 projector! With it’s 3D technology, 1080p resolution, and 2,600 lumens of color brightness, it’s the best way to immerse yourself in the world of your favorite TV shows, movies, and video games. It might also be time to think about getting a replacement V13H010L85 replacement lamp, in order to avoid dim images and any untimely issues.

We have some tips to help you check-up on your projector and to make sure that you’re getting the top-quality entertainment experience you and your family deserve. 

 Similar to how people may go to the doctor when they can tell they’re feeling under-the-weather, or are not able to work at their usual pace, there’s certain symptoms that we can begin to recognize in our projector which may signify to us that it is time for a check-up. The first symptom that projectors will begin to exhibit is: a dull, dark picture as a result of dimming that unavoidably occurs as projector lamps begin to age. At that point, it’s usually a great idea to purchase a replacement projector lamp, not only to restore your brightness and color quality, but also to avoid any damage to your projector in the future, which can be caused when an old projector lamp is left in for too long.

ELPLP96 Epson
ELPLP96 Epson

For example, if you have an Epson Home Cinema 660 projector, your projector is capable of displaying 3,300 lumens for about 6,000 hours. It initially is very bright, then, after about 4,500 hours of use, you’ll really begin to notice the decrease in brightness of the picture. This can indicate to you that it’s time to purchase a V13H010L96 replacement projector lamp. After the initial dimness, some projectors may flash certain colors or display a message on the screen to indicate that a lamp change is necessary. It’s best to avoid getting to that point. 

Another easy way to keep yourself updated on the health of your projector lamp is by checking on the projector menu. Many projectors will show the number of hours the projector has been in use. If your projector doesn’t have this feature, then the lifespan of the lamp can be located in the user guide or manual, and you can simply subtract the approximate number of hours it was in use from the life span.

ELPLP68 Epson
ELPLP68 Epson

Whichever method you use, it is recommended that you consider purchasing a replacement projector lamp when the lamp approaches 75% of its life span. Let’s take an Epson H421A as an example; it has a life span of 4,000 hours, so 75% of its lifespan would be 3,000 hours. That is approximately when a replacement V13H010L68 projector lamp could be in order.

Another thing to keep in mind is, when you receive your replacement lamp, it is strongly recommended that you install the new lamp while it’s still under warranty. 

         Stay safe and healthy from all of us here at PurelandSupply.com

PurelandSupply’s Response to COVID-19

I am sure you have seen dozens or more internet posts and emails about how non-medical companies are dealing with COVID-19. Some companies unfortunately had to close temporarily, while others are spending extra time sanitizing and re-stocking essentials for those of you who are doing your part by staying inside.

PurelandSupply is in a unique position. We are considered allowed to stay open as per the governor of our state. PurelandSupply is permitted to continue operations. That means we can ship your replacement projector lamps without any problems or delays. If you place your order before 5pm EST, it will still ship the same day. Our goal is the least amount of disruption for our customer as possible.

The CDC says the safest thing to do is to stay home, and we encouraged our office employees to stay home with a work from home option. Pureland Supply has a stellar team, everyone opted to work from home rather than take the time off. While projector lamps are not respirators or food, they do make your time stuck in your house more enjoyable by getting that Epson projector back into use.

Or… You know that BenQ, in your basement home theater that had its lamp fail after New Year’s?

Of course you had planned to replace it eventually, but since you are home a good time is now!

Order it now! Here is a link to the search page!
The blog will still be here for you.

Our warehouse staff has been wearing gloves and cleaning the packaging area to make sure the chances of any invisible hitch hikers is minimized. Our paperwork is not being handled by any human hands even after it is printed. The same hygienic warehouse staff makes sure your paperwork is included without any human hands touching it.

They wear gloves all day to ensure their safety and yours.

Some may say, it is ‘just’ a projector lamp, but as the past few weeks have shown, being stuck at home can get tedious. Using your home theater projector to watch some movies with your family or escape the pandemic with some 110″ video games or binge watching shows. These are great ways to pass the time.

We will continue to follow these procedures to ensure your safety and ours. Unless the current situation changes, we expect to stay open and processing orders. Stock is coming in. We have lamps you can buy and we are shipping them with free FedEx ground shipping. In fact, if you are in a metropolitan area, FedEx is delivering on a 7-day schedule. No more waiting for a lamp to show up on Monday when it is now able to be delivered on Saturday!

Please keep following the advice and direction of the CDC and stay home to help stop the spread and alleviate the strain on our healthcare providers.

Do that by watching your projector, and if your projector needs a lamp, follow this link and buy one today!

From all of us at PurelandSupply.com, we wish good health and safe days ahead.

All About Lamps!

Projector lamps are not as mysterious as they seem. They are definitely high technology but once you learn about the specifics, they are more science than magic.

The end goal is to educate you, the potential customer.
Then you can make the best choice when replacing your projector lamp. Obviously, I hope you buy it from us, but if not, I want you to be confident in your choice if you don’t.

Projector lamps fail for all sorts of reason. Projector lamps are designed to run a certain amount of time. That design relies on certain constants, such as cooling and run time. The cooler a lamp runs, the longer it will run properly. The hotter it runs, the shorter it’s run time will be. By nature of design they generate a lot of heat. The manufacturer of your projector has a built-in method to handle that heat. Therefore there are so many fans, and in some cases, air filters. They manage the heat by drawing in cool ambient air and blowing out the hot air generated by the lamp and other electronics.

If your projector has been sitting in the same place for a while, it will get dust inside and that will affect the cooling functions. Most of the time this affect is minimal, but if you notice your lamps failing early (especially if they burst when they fail) you may have a deeper build-up of dust causing the temperature to run higher than it should. Projectors will sense if they get too hot and will warn you, but they will not notice if they are running hotter than they should if it’s not as hot as the overheating threshold. This is the main cause of short lamp life, but not the main cause of lamp failure.

The main cause of lamp failure is old age of the lamp. Once the lamp has been used for its designed life span, the image will be dim, colors not as vibrant. The lamp may take longer to come on. Instead of seeing the picture 10-15 seconds after power-on, it may take up to one minute or more. Most projectors will have an on-screen warning. They will display “Lamp Time Expired” or “Replace Your Projector Lamp”. There are many different messages. Your manual will have the warning specific to your projector. The other symptom is no light at all. You press power, the fans turn on, and you hear the projector try to start but after 3 tries you see the Lamp LED turn on or flash (model dependent).

Many people will continue to run the lamp after the message appears, but I strongly advise you to replace the lamp as soon as you see the message or warning. Continuing to run the lamp puts your projector at risk for serious damage. If your lamp runs too far past its rated hours, the quarts glass can get soft and cause part of the lamp to explode inside. This throws molten glass all over the inside and can truly ruin your projector at the worst. At the best you will need to pay for a professional cleaning to remove the glass to keep it from jamming a fan or breaking a color wheel. This isn’t the point of this article, but I wanted to address it.

The short of it is, replace your lamp when you get the warning. Spend the money now rather than waiting and having to potentially spend 3x the amount on repair and a lamp once it explodes.

Now to the replacement options. There are so many options. So many that it is confusing, and many sellers take advantage of this. I am going to focus on the tactics and methods used to take advantage of consumers so that you are not taken advantage of.

Let us go over the types of replacement lamps.

  1. OEM from the manufacturer. This is the most expensive option. It will arrive in a box that has the logo of your projector manufacturer usually. Some companies have merged and been bought lately so it might say Panasonic if you own a Sanyo, but no matter what, the box will have an original manufacturer name. These are not always the best option though. Unless you are still under the original warranty there is no real need to buy an OEM. Most OEM lamps are not actually made by the company they are sold for. Many are made by companies who also make them for the aftermarket. This brings us to the next type.
  2. Aftermarket with Original Bulb Inside. This is what we sell. We only offer lamps that are built with a proper manufacturer bulb. We use lamps that utilize Philips, Ushio, Phoenix, Matsushita, and Osram replacement bulbs inside. There are no compatible bulbs or recycled bulbs. These are brand new bulbs, that are built into brand new housings. The housings we sell (with the original bulb) are made for the aftermarket. This means that there are no corners cut and the lamp housing and its parts are brand new. This is important. All the lenses, the bulb brackets and connectors are all brand new and tested to fit and perform as the original. You can save as much as 80% on the cost over the OEM. Our manufacturer has been in business almost as long as we have. We work closely with them to ensure the lamps we sell are top notch options. Many customers use us exclusively because we only focus on lamps. We do not bother with other items so that we can be sure that the lamps we sell are the best option.
  3. Aftermarket with Compatible Bulb Inside. Not a great option for 95% of the customers. There are many old projectors that no longer have OEM or Original Bulb Inside options. Old Rear Projection TVs that use lamps may also be a candidate for compatible lamps. These use bulbs made overseas on old factory equipment. They are non-branded and usually built to unknown specifications. The life span can be hours or days. The light output may vary even across the same models. These are normally seen on Amazon or on more unscrupulous websites that advertise them as OEM equivalents. I always look at the price. If you see a lamp for $20-40, then you can be pretty sure it’s a compatible regardless of the title of the listing. They use terms like “Genuine” or, ” Original Quality”. They even try and make it look real by assigning a “brand”. Just because it has a real name, doesn’t make it a good lamp. The only time (in my opinion) to buy a compatible lamp is when you have no other options or you don’t really care how the lamp runs. Maybe you have a 15 year old projector and want to run it outside for a weekend party? Compatible lamp might be an option. That said, it still may fail before the party is over. I never would buy a compatible personally, but your mileage (and needs) may vary.

The important thing to know is that the cost of a projector lamp is directly in line with the quality of the projector lamp. That price is determined by the manufacturer and how much they spent on the parts. This is why some lamps are $30 and the same part number might be $130 elsewhere. This is not greed. This is purely the level of quality.

Here are a few things to look for when purchasing a replacement projector lamp. These items will directly affect your picture quality, projector longevity and the amount you will end up spending to keep your projector running.

  1. Bulb/Lamp type.


    The bulb or lamp is the actual working portion of your projector lamp. This is the glass and ceramic item that emits the light. You can see it by following the wires from the connector to where they are affixed (usually with a pair of screws). If the projector lamp you are at is using a bulb from a major manufacture, it will say Philips/UHP, Osram/PVIP, Ushio/NSHA, Phoenix/SHP, Matsushita/HS or Iwasaki/UHE. If there is no name listed, you can be reasonably sure it is a knock-off and not worth your time or money
  2. Housing construction.

    Good housing on right, bad housing on left
    Look for housings that have good quality moldings. Many aftermarket housings are made in the same factory as the OEM. Therefor the projector lamp housing should have the same general shade of black instead of a grey or lighter look. This ensures the special high temperature plastic is formulated right to ensure long operation without any warping of the housings. This makes your lamp run longer and keeps the light pointing where it should.
  3. Housing vent alignment.

    Good vent
    Inside many projector lamp housings there is a set of metal vents that point the projector’s cooling air where is needs to be. This cools the inside of the bulb, where most of the heat is generated. If your old lamp had a failure where the wire burned off the end (like in this picture), it indicates a lack of cooling air or a miss-aligned or just missing vent assembly. This will shorten the life of the lamp drastically. Many compatible lamps do not use the vents correct or at all. This makes them cost less but makes them fail very quickly.
  4. Connector wires.
    Wire Types
    You would think wire is wire. Wire is not just wire in a projector lamp. Wires in projector lamps are designed to handle the heat and high-power electricity that makes projector lamps work. Most projector lamps use a 20,000 volt insulated wire made from silicone. This wire is rated to at least 300f(150c) and 10-20KV. During initial projector lamp ignition, this voltage can be up to and over 10,000V. During normal use, the power can be as high as 3-4 amps at 100-120v. To a normal person, this is a lot of power for a wire. Many compatible lamps use normal wire that is only rated to 300v and 150f(70c). This can lead to melted wires and short circuits in projectors. A bad time either way unless you have the right wire, which costs more than the cheap wire. Again, you get what you pay for.
  5. IR Block Lens.

    IR Block Lens
    This only applies to DLP projector lamps, but it is a critical and commonly ignored issue. This is the piece of glass that sits in the front of the projector lamp housing. It should have a coating that is obviously red/blue/purple when you look at it from a slight angle. this coating is what blocks the infrared light radiation from getting past the color wheel and causing its sensor to fail, or letting the infrared radiation get inside the optical assembly causing the internals to overheat and ruin things like the DLP chip or the lenses that are expensive and difficult to replace. An incorrectly coated IR block lens can truly ruin your projector.
    As I said above, the red/blue/purplish coating is what you want. If you see no coating or a ‘greenish’ coating, that lamp is a lamp that will ruin your projector. The proper coating has to be applied with special plasma sputtering equipment which is not cheap. The extra cost this adds to the lamp is worth it when you look at repair costs for things that the infrared light radiation can damage.

These are the main items to look for when you buy a replacement projector lamp. Hopefully you buy it from us, but if not, this will tell you what you need to know to make an informed choice.
Every lamp on Amazon is not the same. Every lamp you find on Google is not the same. Knowing what makes them different is the best tool you, as the consumer can have to make the decision that works best for you.

If you have any questions about our projector lamps, please get in touch with our very well-trained staff. They can assist you in finding the high-quality lamp you need and will have it shipped as quickly as you need. They can also answer any questions you have after you receive your lamp whether it be an install or troubleshooting question.
They can be reached Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard time at 1-800-664-6671, Sales@Purelandsupply.com or via our Online chat.

As always, Thank You from all of us at PurelandSupply.com!

2020 Is Another Good Year for Customers of PurelandSupply.com

Did I catch your eye?

If you are not a current customer of PurelandSupply.com I hope I did.

This also applies to current customers but we have decided to take advantage of a new FedEx delivery program that targets metropolitan areas with 7 day a week delivery to your home/residential address.

FedEx Logo

If you place an order before 5pm Eastern Standard time, Monday through Friday for free residential ground shipping, your order will still ship the same day.

We are one of the few companies who actually stock their products. We do not have items drop shipped. Not that drop-shipping is bad, but we truly have the stock that we list on the website. When you need a new Optoma projector lamp and you see we have three, I can walk out to the warehouse and see those three lamps.

Many times, the order may be in the delivery area on a Saturday. Before this, you would have to wait until Monday. Your poor lonely projector lamp is sitting in a cold dark delivery truck for two extra days.
Now FedEx will deliver that projector lamp to you on Saturday or Sunday, depending on your distance. This may mean you can watch your projector up to two days earlier! What does that really mean?

It means you can play two extra days of Madden or FIFA, two extra days of watching Gordon Ramsay lamenting poorly made scallops, or two extra days of watching The Witcher…


Mostly it means you can replace your existing Projector lamp up to two days earlier and not having to worry about it again for another few years until this lamp is up for replacement.

The best part about this is it costs you NOTHING extra. PurelandSupply looked at the needs of projector owners. We evaluated what services would help our customers obtain their product as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. We spent months evaluating options and verifying the cities that were promised this service. We worked with FedEx in depth to make sure this plan was one of convenience and value. I think we hit the nail on the head, and I hope you do as well.

Keep in mind this only applies to Home and Residential areas. If you are in a commercial location, unfortunately you may not be able to take advantage of this to that address. Of course, if you ship it to your house instead of your office, it still may be an option.

For more information about the program, such as what is considered residential/home, please follow this link to FedEx’s website where they have specific information and coverage areas. Most major cities and towns are covered. If you are in a ‘metropolitan’ area, then this should apply.

FedEx Home Delivery

If you need to get your projector lamp a little faster and are not concerned about the 7-day option, we still offer every form of FedEx expedited delivery. Everything from FedEx 2-Day, all the way to Next Day Saturday Delivery (order by 5pm Friday). See our Shipping page for more information and rates as well as the current 2020 FedEx ground time in transit map.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email, Phone or Online-Chat. Our highly knowledgeable staff is here Monday – Friday, 9am to 5PM Est to answer your questions and handle any order concerns you might have.

Don’t wait until 2021 to take advantage of this opportunity to become a PurelandSupply.com customer! Follow us on Facebook and have a wonderful 2020!

Happy Holidays! Now Replace Your Projector Lamp!

Row of Christmas Balls

2019 is barreling towards the end with Thanksgiving fading into the review mirror and the Christmas season sitting on our lap. This is a time of year when we worry about shopping for presents and getting your house in order for the beginning of 2020.

One important thing to get in order is your video projector. End of the year is a perfect time to replace your projector lamp. If you use your projector for movies, gaming, or general TV watching, you probably won’t notice that your image is darker than it used to be. This applies to all brands. Even Epson, Panasonic, BenQ, Casio, Mitsubishi and Dukane just to name a few. Granted if your projector is less than two years old, this isn’t an immediate issue. I hope you keep reading as this will apply to you eventually.

Replacing your projector lamp now will make certain you can entertain your guests over this holiday season. It will make watching the ball drop a lot better if everyone is not crowded around a puny 42″ TV. Instead everyone can watch it on a nice 110+” screen. 🙂

If you live in an area where the night temperatures are still not freezing, consider setting up your projector outside for New Years. You can shine it on the side of a house, using a simple white bed sheet as a screen. They work surprisingly well. I know if it wasn’t 20f here for New Years, I would do the same thing.

Having the ability to hang out with friends and family outside of your own house and watching the ball drop is wonderful. This will be a better experience if you know your projector lamp is in good nick.

Projector working outside

This is also a great time to perform the maintenance that your projector needs to keep running happily. Whether you are changing your projector lamp or not, you stand well advised to remove the existing projector lamp and use some low pressure air or a can of compressed air to loosen and remove any dust that has built up. I know maintenance is a common topic of this blog, but that is only because it is so critical and yet so ignored by information from the manufacturers. They stand to gain more than you if you do not maintain it. Think of maintenance as sticking it to the man!

While as a company we would hope to sell you projector lamps, we rather only sell them if you need one.

We don’t want your old lamp to fail early. We want your lamps to run as long as they are designed for. I’d rather have a happy return customer 2-3 years later, than a one-time customer who only gets a few months out of our projector lamps. By keeping your projector clean internally, this can be accomplished.

Feel free to go back and check some of our older blog posts on why maintenance is so important to maximizing your projector lamp’s life.

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Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us at PurelandSupply.com!

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The End of Daylight Savings is the Best Time to Check Your Projector Lamp


Halloween is right upon us. Come Friday November 1, the 2019 Holiday season begins in earnest.

This is a great time of year to stop putting off replacing that projector lamp that has been nagging you to change it since June. Every football game starts off with pressing ‘enter’ on the remote to get rid of that nag screen.

Like most people, you will have family and friends over more often. Having your video projector running properly will alleviate some of that classic holiday stress. It won’t finish your shopping for you, or prevent the inevitable fruitcake but it will make it so you can lose yourself in your favorite holiday movie (Christmas Story is mine) or watching a snow storm streamed for far away if you happen to live in a warmer climate.

Projector lamps tend to fail at very inopportune times. If you are planning a family gathering to look at pictures or watch videos, that is when the old projector lamp will explode. It’s almost like they know when you really need them to work…

This is also a fantastic time to give your video projector a good cleaning. Especially if your lamp is still newer and not near its replacement time. A general light maintenance is a great way to ensure you get the full life out of your projector lamp.

We have recently lowered prices across many of the popular brands such as Epson and Panasonic. Take advantage of this and buy a replacement projector lamp before your lamp fails.

The best way to know if you should obtain a replacement is to check your lamp hours in the projector’s menu. If your lamp has used 75% of its life or more (ie. 1500 hours of a rated 2000-hour lifespan), it would be wise to buy a replacement now. Then install it when it arrives. Take the old lamp which still works and put it in the new lamps box and save that lamp for a backup.

Since Projector lamps slowly dim as they age, you will have the benefit of a much brighter picture. Then the old lamp is put aside as a backup in case the new projector lamp fails when it ages. It’s always good to have a backup, but always make sure the lamp you are using is the lamp with the warranty. That way if it fails during the six month/180 day warranty, you can take advantage of the warranty and not be stuck.

Stay tuned to our blog for an upcoming special on what pitfalls to watch out for when buying lamps online.

In the meantime, visit our home page or type your model number into our search box to find a new projector lamp with a proper original brand bulb inside. www.Purelandsupply.com