Projectors for Houses of Worship

As with all large organized gatherings, Churches, Synagogues and other places of worship rely on digital projectors to help share the experience with their members.

Projectors offer an impactful way to bring the group of worshipers together in song, to recite a prayer or testify to everyone. Depending on the size and scope of the group of parishioners, different projectors work well in achieving this.

For our purposes we will look at a few digital projectors and the projector lamps they need. Since houses of worship vary in size and needs, we will look at the varying sizes of projectors for each situation.

Optoma W400+ WXGA Projector using BL-FP200B Lamp

For small congregations, there is no need for ultra large images or brightness that needs to overcome the ambient lighting. The Optoma W400+ WXGA projector would work well. It is rated at 4000 Lumens, with a WXGA resolution (1280×800). This projector can even throw up to a 385″ image from 40′ away. The average size will be around 100″ for a screen but this Optoma has a lot of options. Replacing the projector lamp is also quite easy. Visit this link if you need a BL-FP220B for your Optoma W400+.

Another option is the venerable Viewsonic PG603W. Displaying Hymns or prayers for a smaller congregation will be easy to see with ambient light due to the 3600 lumen output. This is helped with the high contrast ratio (22,000:1). If this is coupled with an ALR screen, the image is comparable to a large TV monitor. The Viewsonic PG603W uses an RLC-109 replacement lamp available here. Keep your projector fresh and bright with a new lamp.

This Viewsonic fits well even in larger houses of worship. However there are size limitations at this level. To handle a larger congregation, there is another level of projector for medium-sized organizations.

The Epson PowerLite 5535U LCD projector has the capability of projecting a larger image than either the Optoma or the Viewsonic. For a medium-sized church, this sort of projector is a better option.

At 5,000 Lumens it is a bit brighter than the previous two. It has a slightly higher resolution of 1920 x 1080. This helps with clarity at larger screen sizes. This model can project up to 419″ with a 1x telephoto lens at 68′ from the screen. This tends to work well for medium-sized houses of worship. It gives multiple mounting options such as ceiling or even rear projection if there is a lot of ambient light. You can buy a ELPLP95 replacement projector lamp here for your Epson PowerLite 5535U.

The second suggestion for the medium-sized congregation is the NEC NP-P554U. This mini sun-in-a-box has a rated output of a whopping 5500 lumens using the NEC NP44LP replacement projector lamp. This is plenty of light for seeing the messages displayed by your Easy Worship Software (or ProPresenter among others).

NEC NP-P554U LCD projector with NP44LP replacement lamp

The 20,000:1 contrast ratio is made possible by a high speed auto iris that helps give crisp black levels even with the high lumen output. the NP44LP replacement projector lamp housing uses a high quality Philips bulb inside to achieve that stellar level of brightness. The NEC NP-P554U supports control via a standard network to allow control remotely by your technical staff. With all types of inputs (HDMI, VGA etc) you can connect legacy devices as easily as modern devices. This NEC is a great option for mid-sized solutions. If you have a large house of worship, then there is another tier of projectors that will serve your needs even better.

The Epson PowerLite Pro G7500U is the Mack truck for the House of Worship projectors (in my opinion). This robust LCD projector has no less than 6,500 lumens of brightness. At 6500 lumens this is the brightest model in this list. It also has a very high 50,000:1 contrast ratio, which definitely is noticeable when it is projecting its 38′ image. The high resolution of 1920 x 1200 makes sure the pixel density is such that even at almost 40′, the image is crisp and clear. Unlike lower resolution projectors (1280 x 768), the Epson PowerLite Pro G7500U will not be blurry when the image is that large. Being that it would be used in a large venue, its mounting point would be about 60′ away from the screen. This leaves plenty of room for participants to watch the videos or follow along with the songs.

epson PowerLite Pro G7500U with ELPLP93 replacement lamp

Pureland Supply offers replacement projector lamps for this model as well. The Epson PowerLite Pro G7500U takes the ELPLP93 lamp that we have on sale here.

Houses of worship are always updating and improving the experience for their patrons/congregation. Making the experience immersive and almost magic is only possible by using the proper technology for your specific needs. There are many other projectors out there that fit similar needs. has the replacement projector lamps in stock for same day shipment. has also partnered with FedEx to help us offer 7 day delivery options for many locations. This can help you keep your projector up and running for your weekend or weekday services. We also offer expedited delivery service if you need an overnight delivery between Friday and Saturday. This can help those weekends when you have a service Sunday and your existing projector decides it needs a new lamp on Friday.

Feel free to call or email our knowledgeable staff with any questions you might have Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm at 1-800-664-6671.

You can visit our website, any time of the week, any time of the day.

From all of us an we wish you, your family and your congregation a happy and healthy summer.

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FedEx Home Delivery

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Lumens or Lux? Watts or Whats? How Bright Can My Lamp Shine?

A few months ago, I was watching a program on my Optoma HD800 and I noticed that the usually darkly lit show was more darkly lit than normal.  After the show I decided my lamp was too dim.  Being that I have connections in the ‘biz’, I was able to get a new lamp pretty easily a few days later. When I went to put it in, my wife casually asked,” Could you get a brighter lamp instead of that one?”.  I told her the short answer which is ,”No, the brightness is set by the factory” and went on my way.  Her question was reasonable and it stuck with me.

I happened to mention it to one of our Customer Service reps who told me, “I hear that a lot.” – “Customers ask if they can get a brighter lamp with higher watts or more lumens”.  I can’t say I was surprised to hear it.  We learned back when Incandescent bulbs were the norm , that we could buy a 100Watt bulb instead of a 60Watt bulb if we wanted our kitchen brighter. As long as the socket didnt melt, you could really cram anything that would light into the lamp and get a lot of light.

Then with projectors you hear that the lamp needs to be changed and the same logic makes sense.  If the bulb for my HD800 says its a 300Watt, then why can’t I buy another that is 400W and get a brighter picture?

Simple answer is that you can’t.

Those who have read this blog in the past knows that I don’t stop here with a simple answer.

Anyone who says you can use a higher wattage bulb for a brighter image isn’t giving you the proper information and could lead to a damaged TV or Projector.

Lets dive into how brightness is rated in lamps, ALL lamps.

Old bulbs used to list their wattage.  At the time, it was our only reference.

Wattage is not a rating of brightness, it is a rating of power required to run the bulb.  To get extra technical, wattage is a result of Current multiplied by Voltage or P=IV.  The average US house has a voltage of 110 volts(anywhere from 105-125v).  That means the old 100Watt incandescent bulb used 110volts to heat up its filament and create light.

That gives us two of the numbers.  100(watts)=I(amps) x 110(volts).

100/110=I , I=0.91 amps(0.909090909090909)

With that simple math we now know the power needed but none of that gives us a quantifiable brightness amount.  We essentially ‘knew’ that a 100W bulb was brighter than a 60W.

This is where Lux and Lumens come into play.  Lux is a true measure of light.  One lux is the equivalent of 1 lit candle or 1 candle power. I prefer Lux myself as its an actual unit of light.  Lumens is an average of Lux.  Lumen is also known as luminous flux.  I know that makes very little sense.

If you want to read up on the specifics of Lumens such as how they are calculated via Steradians, there is a nice article in Wikipedia.

For our explanation I am going to simplify it by saying Lumens are essentially a measurement of perceived brightness at your eyes.  Where as Lux is a measurement of the light as it is emitted directly from the bulb, Lumens ignore the light components that are not seen, such as Infrared and Ultraviolet light.  The light emitted from the bulb has many more optical components than the light that is reflected off the screen, but when you are watching a movie, that is all that matters.

One lumen would be the average measurement of 1 lux over a one square meter white surface that is projected from one meter away.  The actual lux over that square meter will vary from less than one Lux to over one Lux. Once its averaged, the final number can be interpreted as One Lumen. That is the light output that your eyes see. In my opinion that is the most important part. If the specs say the projector is 10,000 Lumen and it looks dim in comparison to a 5,000 lumen, the the specs mean nothing.

Lumens are partially dictated by the optics inside the projector.  The more color filtering and lenses you have inside, the more the amount of Lumens are affected.

This is why many projectors who use the same bulb have varying Lumen ratings.  It also starts to explain why there isn’t a brighter lamp you can purchase to make your Projector or Rear Projection TV brighter.

Your TV or Projector lamp is not an incandescent bulb. It is an Arc-Lamp. That means there is no ‘filament’ in the classic sense. There are 2 electrical contacts inside the glass globe that sustain a spark, or ‘Arc’ that excite the gas mix inside to emit the photons that make the light.   To make and sustain that arc properly, the device uses a separate power supply called a ballast to drive that lamp. The ballast has a set power output that is only going to run at the designed level. Putting a larger wattage arc lamp in, will only run at the ballasts output and no higher.

Some models use the same lamp but have a different ballast rating that will only drive the lamp so much.

For instance, if I installed a 350W bulb in place of my 300W bulb my picture would only be as bright as the 300W bulb.  That is because the ballast inside that runs the lamp, is designed for that particular projector. When the manufacturer designs the projector, they have to decide on the balance between Lumens and Picture quality.  The brighter the image, the lower the possible contrast ratio.  They tend to find a very reasonable balance between the two.

When the lamp is shining its light in your TV or Projector, the light is passing through numerous light filters, lenses and mirrors. These also affect the Lumen output.

Lumens are a convenient way to compare how well a projector will work in your viewing area or against other projectors. If you are using a basement as a home theater, the Lumen output is not as important as it would be in a family room with windows.

Projecting an image long distances(an auditorium) requires high Lumens.  The moisture and suspended dust particles in the air can block a significant amount of light. Next time you are in the movie theater, look at the dust floating in the light beam outside the projection booth. Every fleck of dust is preventing a tiny bit of light from reaching the screen to reflect into your eyes.

All projectors and rear projection TV’s(regardless of the display technology) are designed with a particular type of bulb and housing in mind.  The manufacturers determine the best balance between image quality and brightness for the price point.

When purchasing a new lamp for your existing Projector or TV, know that Pureland Supply uses Original Brand Bulbs in our housings to give you the same brightness and image quality that the manufacturer intended.