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Model # Price Availability
CDG67-DL Bulb $124.80 (42) In Stock
CDG80-DL Bulb $124.80 (42) In Stock
CDR+80-DL Bulb $124.80 (42) In Stock
CDR67-DL Bulb $124.80 (42) In Stock
CLM HD6 Bulb $176.50 (205) In Stock
CLM W6 Bulb $176.50 (205) In Stock
CNHD-81B $236.50 (61) In Stock
CNWU-61B $236.50 (61) In Stock
CNWU-81B $236.50 (61) In Stock
CRPN-52B $236.50 (61) In Stock
CRPN-62B $236.50 (61) In Stock
CRWQ-62B $236.50 (61) In Stock
CRWQ-72B $236.50 (61) In Stock
iD LR-6 $596.75 (1) In Stock
iD NR-6 $596.75 (1) In Stock
iD Pro R600 $596.75 (1) In Stock
iD Pro R600+ $596.75 (1) In Stock
iD R600 $596.75 (1) In Stock
iD R600+ $596.75 (1) In Stock
iQ 300 Series $498.10 (2) In Stock
iQ 350 Series $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ 400 Series $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ 500 Series $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ G300 $498.10 (2) In Stock
iQ G350 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ G350 Pro $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ G400 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ Pro G30 $498.10 (2) In Stock
iQ Pro G400 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ Pro G500 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ Pro R350 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ Pro R500 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ R300 $498.10 (2) In Stock
iQ R350 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ R400 $734.80 (1) In Stock
iQ R500 $734.80 (1) In Stock
MDG50-DL Bulb $124.80 (42) In Stock
MP G15 $734.80 (1) In Stock
NW 5 $596.75 (1) In Stock
R9801087 $965.70 (1) In Stock
R9801272 $236.50 (61) In Stock
R9801343 $1436.40 Out of Stock
R9832747 $179.50 (13) In Stock
R9832752 $658.00 (1) In Stock
R9841100 $498.10 (2) In Stock
R9841760 $734.80 (1) In Stock
R9841761 $734.80 (1) In Stock
R9841805 $746.50 (1) In Stock
R9841822 Bulb $116.90 (49) In Stock
R9841823 $596.75 (1) In Stock
R9842020 $254.90 (3) In Stock
R9842807 $548.90 (1) In Stock
R9861050 $1750.60 Out of Stock
R98942020 Bulb $86.50 (75) In Stock
RLM W14 $1436.40 Out of Stock
RLM W6 $179.50 (13) In Stock
RLM-W8 $658.00 (1) In Stock
SIM 5+ $596.75 (1) In Stock
SIM 5H $596.75 (1) In Stock
SIM 5W $596.75 (1) In Stock
SIM 7 $746.50 (1) In Stock
Customer feedback:
  • Chris from Georgia, USA
    What a lovely experience in this day and time of fighting computers . "JML" was delightful and helpful. My projector lamp arrived on time just like she said it would.
  • Brock from Wyoming, USA
    I very much appreciate your willingness to extend the return due date on my Optoma H77 lamp. Your staff was most helpful and pleasant to deal with at all times. Thank you for all kindness shown.
  • Ed from Ohio, USA
    I was able to get a projector bulb that fit my JVC unit overnighted to my door! This after waiting months for Best Buy, Geek Squad and Partsource who failed to get it for me.
  • Jean from California, USA
    Pureland Supply is terrific! They were extremely helpful on the phone and with our order. The Projector Lamp they sent was far better than the bulb we had previously in our old Sony Projector.
  • J Perkins from Wisconsin, USA
    As a school district we've used Pureland for several replacement projector lamps. All our dealings have gone smoothly, with quick turn-arounds. Highly recommend.
  • Ken from Ohio, USA
    Fast courteous service. Very responsive through entire process and estimate was to the penny of the actual bill. Projector works exactly as it did when it was new.
  • Mike from Florida, USA
    Pureland Supply provided exactly what they said they would provide. The projector lamp was at my house within 3 business days of my order. I rate this company as outstanding.
  • Rodney from Maryland, USA
    I purchased a projector bulb for my large screen tv. It arrived the next day. I installed the projector bulb and it is working fine. Will definitely do business with Pureland Supply in the future.
  • Craig's TV Service from Michigan, USA
    After dealing with another vendor and being sent 3 wrong projector lamps, it was a pleasure to deal with Pureland. They shipped the correct lamp the first time.
  • Brooke from West Virginia, USA
    Very pleased with my purchase of the XL5200 Sony Projector Lamp Assembly.  Great Service and very fast shipping. Received it Next Day!
  • Sam from District of Columbia, USA
    Ordered a BL-FS180C Projector Lamp for an Optoma Theme-S HD65. Excellent pricing, and extremely fast shipping.
  • Mindy from Pennsylvania, USA
    We ordered 2 Sony Projector Lamps which arrived very quickly. We had a technical problem during installation and the technical support was superb! Great support, great company.
  • Helen from British Columbia, Canada
    Pureland Supply is very easy to deal with. Good customer support, quick reply to e-mails for my Mitsubishi Lamp. Will shop there again for future projector lamp needs.
  • Dick Bachli from Wisconsin, USA
    Purchased a D95-LMP lamp for Toshiba TV. Just want to commend Robin for a job above and beyond that normal call of responsibility. Now I can watch my Green Bay Packers on Sunday.
  • Allison from New Jersey, USA
    Video bulb for projector. very fast service. had the Sanyo POA-LMP55 projector bulb the next day. will recommend to my friends for any projector lamps.
  • Dan from Ontario, Canada
    Great overall buying experience. Dell lamp worked great and questions I had were answered quickly after I completed installation of the projector bulb. I would purchase another projector lamp from pureland again. 
  • Katy from Washington, USA
    The Sony LMP-H200 video bulb we purchased for our projector arrived on time and in excellent condition.
  • Doug from Dallas, USA
    I received the Samsung DLP TV Lamp Bulb in excellent condition, and I'm very pleased to have installed it without a hitch. Our TV is now good as new, excellent service! 
  • Bernal from Cincinnati, USA
    Super fast delivery. We are very happy with our Optoma HD72i Projector Lamp purchase! Will definitely use and recommend to others! Thanks!
  • Erik from North Carolina, USA
    I bought a BL-FS180C Optoma Theme-S HD65 HD640 HD700X Lamp Bulb and came well packaged and is working perfectly.
  • Josh from Georgia, USA
    Outstanding service, nice people, and knowledgeable support. They had a wide range of in-stock lamps and shipping options.
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