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Pureland Supply Vocational and Skilled Trade Scholarship



Pureland Supply has been selling high quality replacement projector lamps to various Universities, Schools, and Government entities since 1997.  We understand the importance of skilled trades in our society and appreciate those who learn and perform specific occupational trades.

The $1000.00 Pureland Supply Scholarship
is open for students who have been accepted to an accredited community college, vocational college, technical school, or trade School.  Recipients are chosen on their ability to describe how their chosen trade or field plays an important role in today’s world and how the student expects to play a part in the future of their trade or field.


Application materials:

      A typed one-page essay about:

o   How your chosen trade or field is important in today’s society, and

o   How your chosen trade or field can change lives in a positive manner, and

o   How you expect to play a part in making positive changes in the future of your chosen trade or field


      High School transcript or GED

      One letter of recommendation from a non-family member

      A completed application (below)

      This is an annual scholarship that is available every year.  The currently deadline for Fall 2018 semester is June 1, 2018. Payment will be made directly to the Vocational School or Community College.


Submit all application materials listed above to:

Pureland Supply

Scholarship Application

210 Gale Lane

Kennett Square, PA 19348


This year's winner will be announced and featured on our website and Facebook page on July 1st, 2018.  Please don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

Applicant Name__________________________________________

Applicant Address ________________________________________

Applicant Phone ____________________________

Applicant Email ______________________________________ 

__  Check here if you have a high school transcript and attach a copy to your application.
__ Check here if you have a GED and attach a copy to your application.

Name and address of Community College you plan on attending:




I agree that all information submitted to Pureland Supply is truthful and accurate. I agree to abide by the terms of the scholarship. I accept that Pureland Supply’s choice of winner is final and cannot be disputed. I understand that the winner will be featured on the Pureland Supply website and Facebook page. I understand that the winner must attend an accredited Community College and that the scholarship will be paid directly to the college.

Your signature _____________________________________________

Print parent/guardian name (If applicant is under 18)______________________________

If under 18, parent or guardian signature _____________________________

Please Mail to:
Pureland Supply
210 Gale Ln
Kennett Square PA 19348

Optional you can also download a pdf version of the application:
Download Application Here

About Pureland Supply
Founded in 1997 by Jon Felter, Pureland Supply began by selling specialty light bulbs to medical centers, dentists, schools, audio visual companies, theatres, and stage studio productions.  As time went on Pureland responded to consumer demand and specialized more and more on the projector lamp market.  These replacement lamps include brands such as BenQ Lamps, Mitsubishi Lamps, Smart Board Lamps, and Epson Lamps that became commonly used in Schools, Colleges, and Universities.   As always quality played a critical factor so relationships were developed with the original equiment manufactures (OEM) that make the original bulbs inside the projector lamp replacements.  These OEM's include Philips, Osram, and Ushio brands and are used in every lamp we sell.  Schools and Universities including Trade Schools, Vocational Schools, and Community Colleges continue to be a large part of our market and we are proud to be able to give back to this community in the form of our Vocational Scholarship.  We appreciate your support and thank you for visisting our company website.

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